When stress builds a wall

20160930_183637-2Are you wound up in a lifestyle that is  filled with stress, anxiety and pain, finding it difficult to catch up? Coping and being comfortable in a busy lifestyle is what we all strive for, not something we are able to achieve at times.  Life’s changes and challenges affect our ability to cope.  When we are viewed by others, they may consider us lucky, having a life that is active, enjoyable.  At times we may feel this way, but, sometimes we are really unable to cope.

You are not alone.  Life can get better.  You can develop skills and build on your relationships. Together can we work on your next step, help you be in charge of who and what you want to be.  Many times, all we need is help finding our strengths.

You have taken that first step, seeking help and searching for that right mix.  Physical and emotional pain are linked, both having a starting point and hopefully an ending or diminishing of pain.  At times we all need help and support to learn to cope better and develop skills, allowing us to get through the pain and emerge a stronger person.

When the inability to cope consumes your life, I am here to help you.  Together we can look at your physical and emotional world and lessen the challenges, creating an easier path for you.

Abdo Counseling and Consulting, PLLC therapists are able to help.

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